14 Convincing Content Marketing Examples for your Website

14 Convincing Content Marketing Examples for your Website

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Wouldn’t you just love to have more content on your website that persuades your audience to get in touch.

But coming up with different types of content is a big strain isn’t it.

Don’t worry anymore!

Here is my list of content marketing examples…..

  1. Case studies
    • Use case studies to show how you helped a customer/client/ solve a problem
    • Be as factual as possible
    • Include a testimonial if possible
    • Use first names only if you work in a profession that needs to keep things confidential
    • Look at an example of a case study
  2. Video testimonials
    • Use video testimonials as irrefutable proof of the benefits of your products/services
    • Here are some examples of video testimonials (scroll down a bit on the page)
    • Use Rev to add captions to any video
  3. How to articles
  4. Explainer videos
  5. FAQs
    • FAQs gives answers to questions you are asked often
    • FAQs are used often to remove any barriers a prospective customer/client may have before they buy from you
    • FAQs can be used to explain how you typically work with your customers/clients
    • Here is an example of a typical FAQ page
  6. Audio recordings
    • Audio recordings are particularly helpful for some industries
    • If you are a counsellor or therapist for example you could have a recording of a  guided relaxation available on your website
    • Podcasts, a form of audio recordings, are popular in most industries
  7. Welcome videos
    • Welcome videos are typically a short talking head style of video where your audience see and hear you explaining who you are, what you do and how you can help
    • Welcome videos are typically used on an about page or even on the home page of a website
  8. Demos/Tutorials
  9. Lists/listicle
    • Lists are commonly a piece of writing presented wholly or partly in list form
    • Lists work well as explainer videos
    • This post is a list!
  10. Interviews
    • Interviews are similar to case studies but are conversational in style
    • Interviews are used to present your solution to a problem that your customer/client had…and explain how you solved it
    • Interviews can be presented in many forms
      • Text based transcript of the interview
      • Recorded video of the interview
  11. Guides
  12. Industry news
    • Having current news from your particular industry or area of expertise on your website proves that your knowledge is up to date
    • Including current industry news posts on your website demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge to take advantage of improvements in your field while solving the problems that face your audience
  13. Book reviews
    • Reviewing books on your website is similar to industry news in that you are demonstrating that you know what you are talking about and that you update your skills and knowledge
    • Book reviews can be presented in many formats such as text, video or audio
  14. Checklists
    • I use checklists for repetitive tasks – such as writing blog posts
    • Checklists are used to verify, check or inspect that something meets expectations or is optimised to be the best that it can be
    • Checklists can be presented on websites in many formats: images, text, audio or videos are among the most commonly used
    • Watch my top 20 Checklist for super easy blogging

Why 14 content marketing examples?

Well, I started writing this post just over 2 hours ago and it’s time to make a cup of tea and open a packet of ginger biscuits! Joking aside – this list is not exhaustive as you can imagine but it is a very good starting point for getting persuasive content on your website.

Easiest way to include these content marketing ideas on your website?

The easiest way to use any or all of these content marketing examples on your website is to include a blog. Setting up pages can take more time than most people have but producing blog posts is quicker. 

If you are starting a new website then some of these content marketing ideas (the FAQs for instance) lend themselves to pages more than blog posts.

I would add a blog to a website and then use categories. That way you can share the link to the category as and when needed and all your relevant posts will be included. 

Here is a sample structure of blog categories using some of the content marketing examples mentioned in this article:

  • Your Blog
    • Tutorials
    • Book reviews
    • Video testimonials
    • Guides

Why have I written this post?

I get asked often about what type of content to include on a website. I was asked on Friday. So, now it is written I will send it to the lady I spoke to on Friday and to everyone else who asks…..blog posts are useful you know 😉

Which of these content marketing examples will you use next?

Tell me in the comments and I’ll see if I have any resources to help. And if I don’t already have something to help you I can always prepare a blog post or video that answers your specific question.

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