Case Study – Carvers Building Supplies

How The Website Inspector helped Carvers double their online sales

Carvers decided to use a website consultant who had the technical knowledge to assess our website from all angles and tell us what we needed to do to increase sales and enquiries via the website. Tosca conducted this review for us and suggested several online initiatives which we engaged with her to follow through. Our investment in Tosca’s services has turned into a significant return on the investment we have made in her services, with our online sales via the website doubling in the last 24 months. We are continuing to work with Tosca and anticipate doubling our sales again in the next few months.

Henry Carver

Owner/MD, Carvers Building Supplies

Who are Carvers?

Carvers Building Supplies are a family run business in Wolverhampton that has been trading successfully since 1896. With staff numbers approaching 250 and a turnover of around £30 million, Carvers supply a wide range of building products both for the trade and DIY markets

What challenges did Carvers face?

The MD acknowledged that the number of sales and enquiries coming from the website could be improved and that the business didn’t have the knowledge required internally.

Although Carvers had access to the data from Google Analytics they naturally didn’t have the technical know-how to translate the information into actionable steps to increase sales.

Why did Carvers call for The Website Inspector?

Carvers do have a dedicated IT department but they don’t have a website expert on board. Carvers needed someone who could both understand what the web developers, at the time, were saying and someone who could interpret the web analytics.

Carvers are a very successful business, and a lot of that success is based on taking a very practical approach to business development. The Website Inspector has a similar mindset and focuses on what can be done to increase revenue, leads and calls.

The Website Inspector has over 20 years website programming experience since graduating from the University of Birmingham with a Masters in Computer Science. Coupled with a proven visual flair, The Website Inspector is the go-to person for a no-nonsense approach to website designing for profit.

What did The Website Inspector do?

Have you heard of Dave Brailsford’s “Theory of Marginal Gains”?  Brailsford was the coach who transformed the British cycling team from “OK” to “amazing”. As well as looking at the traditional aspects of coaching a cycling team, Brailsford took a more holistic approach. So instead of just looking at physical fitness and strategy, he looked at how to improve everything from the psychological aspects of racing to the what hand gel the team used.

The Website Inspector firmly believes in the aggregation of marginal gains. This is all about implementing small incremental improvements in any process that add up to a significant improvement to the outcomes.

The Website Inspector performed a comprehensive website audit on the Carvers website and coupled that with a review of the data in their Google Analytics account. This audit highlighted what was working and what needed working on. The list of actions covered many pages and addressed everything that makes a website successful.

What were the results?

Online sales doubled – it’s as straightforward as that. Of course, following through on the recommendations took a commitment from Carvers, which they willingly attended to. Now, as well as the significant increase in revenue there has been a considerable improvement in the web related internal systems and digital marketing efforts.

Do you want to double your online sales or enquiries?

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