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“Remove an inferior or unwanted component”

In a previous post I held up my hands to not being a great gardener. The truth is actually that I haven’t seriously tried – perhaps I will when I retire. But what I do know is that you can’t create a lovely garden if you start planting things in a bed full of weeds or in an edge full of leftover concrete from an old building project. I should really post a photograph here of my garden at the moment to show you the weeds, but I don’t think I will to preserve my dignity. I do know that it’s a waste of money buying plants for my garden as it is until the weeds are cleared.

Like anything else you want to plan out, it is a good idea to do some “weeding” on your website. You may have some content on your website that was appropriate when you started your business but it isn’t now; you may have some content that with hindsight you know wasn’t that good and you can do better; you may have something on your website that isn’t actually technically working; your website may be old fashioned; and you may have to just make some space in your diary and in your head to develop your next steps online.Woman Digging Wicked Spider Tosca Lahiri

It’s probably a good idea to take an inventory of the content on your website, especially if you have a blog or news section. A related exercise would be to note down how you are doing on any social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. And of course, make a list of those things you know are not working properly or don’t look right.

So take a moment now perhaps, look at your website and ask yourself is it working well for your business. And if you think your website marketing could be better is it time to clear the land, to do some weeding. Starting again with a website is sometimes the best way to go to implement the new things you have learned about online marketing. And many people I meet say that their website doesn’t reflect their business anymore. So is it time to do some weeding and clear the land?

You know where I am if you need any help with reviewing your existing website for “weeds” and planning a new one for abundant growth.

Tosca Lahiri

Tosca Lahiri

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