Clearing Cookies and Cache

Clearing Cookies and Cache

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Cookies and caches in internet web browsers store information about your visits to websites. This data is usually to make your next visit easier. Sometimes the cookies and cache are used to store your advertising preferences.

There are occasions though when you want to delete this information from the browsers. For instance, if you’ve made a change on your website but when you look at the site you can’t see the change. Either you forgot to save the page or post or more than likely the previous version has rightly been stored in the browser. This is when you need to delete the cookies and empty the cache from the browser.

The steps needed to do this are different depending on the browser you are using.

How to delete the cookies and empty the cache

Internet browsers change all the time so to ensure that you have up to date information here are the links to clear cookies or delete the cache:

Just click on the link and follow the steps.

I find that I then need to close the browser I am using completely, closing all of the tabs, before heading back to the website I’m trying to access.

If you are still having issues with cookie error messages trying holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then pressing F5 on the keyboard (Ctrl + F5) This is known as a hard refresh on a Windows PC.

On Apple devises the hard refresh is: Apple + R or command + R


If after deleting the cookies and emptying the browser cache you still can’t see the changes that you’ve made to your website you can try restarting your internet router.

Hope that helps.

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