Confessions of a Website Designer 1

Confessions of a Website Designer – 1

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My confession today is that I had to be shamed into putting a blog on to my own website. Can you believe that? My friend Joan really told me off one day. She said, how can you go and see clients and tell them, ‘you really need to have a blog on your website if you expect more people to see it’ if I don’t have one myself? So why was I putting it off? Well, here are some of my reasons: They might be some of your reasons too.
  • It would have to be perfect. Well, it doesn’t. And, it isn’t.
  • It wouldn’t make any difference to how many people find my website because I’m in such a competitive industry. Well, it does. I’m on the first page of google for important keywords.
  • I won’t know what to write about. Well, my to-do list is massive. And I’ll spend a lifetime writing and blogging about all of that.
Have you ever been encouraged? Not really shamed –  encouraged to do something that you’re glad about. These are the reasons why i’m glad that I did it. People actually find me on Google. I get phone calls. I had a call the other day from a company that does locks and they asked me, ‘can you do a website?’ And I said, ‘where did you find me’? And they said on ‘Google’, I’ve got content to share on social media that helps people know that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve got how to articles that I send to clients for some of the common questions they ask me. So, you can see the blog –  I’m really happy that I was ‘encouraged’ to put it on there. But I’ve got something else to tell you. Um, well, actually, it’s another confession. It’s has been a couple of months since I wrote a new blog post on my website. So I’m going to go off now and finish the 4 posts that I started some time ago. I hope you have a good day.

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