Confessions of a Website Designer - Part 2

Confessions of a Website Designer – Part 2

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In today’s confession, I’m going to let you see a part of me that I don’t think anyone else here has seen.

My confession is that I’m naturally quite an untidy person. Some people say that being untidy is just a sign of being creative. And that might be right.

Untidy is Genius

Other people say that being untidy is a sign that you’re a genius. I think there is even a quote going about saying that Einstein was very untidy so being untidy is a sign that you are a genius. I’m not going to look for the quote because I’m sure its not been fact checked!

If you saw my art room you would see that my paint, brushes and other implements are not all lined up in a row.

And if you’ve ever sat next to me in meetings, you will be surprised at the way that I take notes.
I don’t start at the top of the page and work my way down. A colleague actually looked and said that she didn’t understand it but she’s sure it makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, it does.

But what I’ve realised this week is that I like my office to be neat and tidy. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s tidy every day – but I do like a tidy office. Recently I’ve even cleared out the stationery cupboard so I can have a tidy desk. Yes , the desk is tidy most of the time.

And you may have seen my paintings. My style is very loose ,very abstract and there isn’t much detail in most of them. I don’t follow any rules when I’m painting even though I know them.

Another friend said to me she’s amazed at the contrast between my painting style and my web design style.

I think when I get into the office and turn on the computer that’s where I use all my tidiness. And then in the art room it doesn’t matter so much to me.

I think lots of artists need to experiment and be creative and perhaps for me that includes having tubes of paint all over the place and paint brushes sticking out of everything.

When I turn on the computer to make a website I have systems and processes in place to make sure that the website does what it’s meant to do.

And I do follow the rules when it comes to making websites.

And of course the rules for making websites change.

Not all the rules, but some of the rules.

For a website to be successful I need to follow the rules.

These rules are technical and visual.

I’ve discovered over the years that following the conventions of good website design and the SEO guidelines from Google websites are successful.

So, I’ve decided that it’s okay to be untidy in my art studio and it’s okay to be a bit untidy in other rooms.

But I need to get into my “tidy” zone when I come into the office if I’m going to make successful websites.

In Conclusion

So this is my confession: I’m naturally an untidy person, and even very messy when I’m in the art studio.
But when I get into the office to make a website it’s a completely different story.

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  1. Makes total sense to me Tosca ,

    Thank you for all that you do and explaining things in a simple down to earth honest way,

    Look forward to forwarding to blogging very soon and wishing you loads more success in all that you do , you are one of a kind Tosca and I would highly recommend your work to anyone

    Best wishes

    Sharon 🌺

    1. Thanks Sharon for that lovely feedback. I’ll be looking out for your blogs when you are ready.
      All the best, Tosca

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