Confessions of a Website Designer Part 3

Confessions of a Website Designer – Part 3

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Today’s confession is about my little struggles with consistency.


While writing this blog post I noticed that the word “consistency” is spelt the same whether I’m talking about consistent behaviour, or the consistency of single cream. I don’t think it’s the spelling that surprised me really but just the way my mind sees things.

From the dictionary:
Consistency: consistent behaviour or treatment, similar to stability, constancy, dependability; the way in which a substance holds together, viscosity, similar to cohesion.

I’ll come back to that in a moment…..

If you have been following my Confessions series you will have heard about my “untidy side”. And even though structure is very important when I create websites, being consistent and structured in daily marketing isn’t that easy.

When it comes to my website the areas that I try to be consistent with are my blogging and my email marketing.

Now, if you go and look at my blog you’ll see by the dates that I haven’t always succeeded with posting consistently.

And I’ve tried to be consistent in email marketing several times over the years.

Until recently I’ve not got passed sending 2 emails in a row.

I know every time I publish a blog post it sends a signal to Google.

Of course, the more consistent I am with my blogging the more signals are sent to Google. And then more people are helped by my posts.

And every time I send out an email the same thing happens, albeit in a slightly different way.

When someone clicks a link in the email to read something on my website that sends another signal to Google.

And I’m pleased to say that I’ve broken my record by sending out 7 emails in a row – I think that calls for a chocolate celebration.

I’m sure that there will be times when I don’t publish a blog post or perhaps even when I don’t send out the email. But as long as I don’t leave it too long, it won’t be the end of the world.

And as an added bonus I have found that my consistent blogging has reminded me how much I enjoy writing.

So, by working on my consistency I’ve rediscovered something that I like doing. And of course I’m sending lots of signals to Google.

Back to the word “consistency”.

I’m pleased with myself that I have worked on being more consistent with my blogging and emails. Yes, the blogs and the emails have lot of tips and advice about websites and online marketing.


But more importantly, consistently writing blogs and emails is further evidence of dependability, stability and a cohesive approach to business.

I’m going to carry on blogging and sending emails because I enjoy writing them and I like helping people.

Now to get some cream to eat with my strawberries…….perhaps I’ll leave the chocolate alone for now 🙂

Strawberries and Cream

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