What is Copywriting?

Can your Website Capture your Reader in 5 Seconds?

There are a lot of websites out there for people to view. Businesses spend a great deal of time and money getting people to visit their website. However, what many people don’t know, is that once someone lands on your website, you have approximately 5 seconds to capture their interest before they move on somewhere else. How can you do this for your website? You can use our exclusive copywriting services.

What exactly do you do?

Most businesses – especially businesses that provide services – do not state clearly what they can do for their customers. This lack of clarity can lose you an interested prospect very quickly. Your potential customers and clients are only interested in what you can do for them.

5 Seconds

The sales process

Did you know that 80% of offline purchases are started online? Which means that many of your customers have already looked online before buying offline from you? How many potential customers have you lost through not having a website, having a poor website, or from poorly marketing your website?

Never mind the quality, feel the width

Lots of people say they can write a website for you: graphic designers, advertising agencies, marketing gurus, web designers and so on. What you end up with is what we call a ‘brochure website’. Something that looks great, but says very little.

Just as you need a specialist to design your logo, and a specialist to create a feature rich website, you also need a copywriting services specialist to write the words that will appear on your website.

Writing your website text

I collaborate with a specialist in copywriting services who can write the words that will showcase your product or service and use the key words that will make sure you are found for the search terms your visitors are likely to use. You will get web content that will:

  •  clearly, engagingly, and concisely describe your business and target your audience
  • grab your readers attention and retain it
  • inform your readers about your business or service
  • gently persuade your reader to take action using simple English

My goal is to make sure your readers think “this is exactly what I am looking for” as they reach for your details.

Let your words sparkle

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