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How to rebrand your social media accounts and keep all your supporters

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Why rebrand your business

There are numerous reasons why you might decide to rebrand your business.

Here are a few:

  1. Your focus has changed – you are offering different products or services
  2. Your location has changed
  3. To stimulate growth
  4. To gain a competitive advantage
  5. To consolidate several businesses
  6. Your existing name is too narrow
  7. Your existing name is too general
  8. Your business name is outdated
  9. You’ve got a name that’s now hindering growth
  10. Your business name is lost online
  11. People can’t remember, spell or pronounce your company’s name

Hands up of any of those apply? I am guilty of number 11. Originally my business was called “TcueWebs”, There is quite a logical reason behind that but when I was told “I can’t tell people about your business because I can’t say it” I realised it was time to change -fast.

And like you perhaps I was concerned that I would loose my supporters on Facebook and Twitter. But that wasn’t the case as the social media platforms will allow you to change your profile names. Facebook has a few provisos you will find but in essence don’t worry.

How to rebrand your business on social media

To help out here is a list of links that will give you the help you need to rebrand your social media accounts:

  1. Facebook –
  2. Twitter –
  3. Instagram –
  4. Pinterest –
  5. Periscope –
  6. LinkedIn –
  7. Snapchat –
  8. MailChimp –

I know MailChimp isn’t a social media platform but so many people use it I’ve included it here.

After you have changed your usernames/profile names don’t forget to also change:

  1. Any header images
  2. Any profile images
  3. Profile blurbs
  4. The link to your new website

Still thinking about rebranding your business?

Go ahead – you won’t look back – I haven’t.

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