Toscas Wicked Words 12 June 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words – 12 June 2020

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Do you know the joke about builders never getting round to doing renovations in their own homes? I think it’s the same for web designers too. I’ve put that right this week by giving my own site a makeover and added some new pages. I’ve got more to go but it’s a good start.

This week I’ve had another first – I’ve made my first ever infographic. I know it”s only a little thing but I’m quite pleased with it myself. I’ll tell you what it’s about in a moment.

Quick news from my world to yours to help with your website marketing:


Have you got a FAQ page on your website? I haven’t yet but it is high up on my to do list and I will be adding it this week. FAQ pages are really useful for people seeing your site for the first time and are good to send out to prospective customers, clients or collaborators.

Google also likes the inherent structure of this type of page so it will help with SEO too.

Top App/Plugin

Google my Business is my top app this week. I’ll tell you why next week. If you haven’t setup your listing yet I’ll show you how soon.

WordPress Maintenance

I’ve updated my WordPress Maintenance support plan this week to add time to make changes on sites. This could be things like adding your blog post for you, editing some text on pages or changing an image. If you’d like help with this click on this link to find out more – WordPress Maintenance Support.

I almost sent this without telling you about my infographic. It shows 5 easy steps to attract more people to your website every time you add a new image to the site or blog. I’ve just published the post today so you will be the first to see it – here’s the link – Image SEO.

I’m off now for a late lunch in the garden.

Hope you have a good weekend.

All the best,

Tosca Lahiri

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