Toscas Wicked Words 15 May 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words – 15/5/2020

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I said I’d let you have my review of what I think is the best social media scheduling tool there is….so here it is: Super ContentCal Ifragilisticexpialidocious. Have a read and leave a comment below the post to let me know your experience of posting to social media.

Quick news from my world for yours to help with your website marketing:


If you are in the health and well-being sector your website may be experiencing a drop in visitors. This is  because Google are being ultra careful when it comes to filtering out content about COVID 19. Unfortunately this is hampering businesses from this sector getting their websites seen. However, please keep on publishing good content as some of my clients have had new enquires despite these barriers.


If you are running an online shop I would recommend that you work on your product descriptions. Really think how your product helps your target audience and include these benefits in the descriptions.


A bit of fun today in the website section. Can you remember what your first website looked like? Head over to the Wayback Machine and you should be able to see the site. I’ve just check my first business website from 2012 – it’s not a pretty site compared to website styles in 2020.

Confessions of a Website Designer

I’ve started writing the script for my next vlog in this series and I think most of you will be very surprised by the confession – more next week.

Hope you have a good weekend.

All the best,

Tosca Lahiri



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