Toscas Wicked Words 8 May 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words – 8 May 2020

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I said I’d let you have a demo of TinyPNG to show you how to compress images and make your website faster – here it is 

Quick news from my world for yours to help with your website marketing:


I hope you haven’t been affected by a recent hack attack of 1 million websites. If you’ve done the updates all should be well. I also use a plugin called WP All in One Security to add an extra layer of protection to the updates from WordPress.


If you are using Google My Business then you may have noticed delays in getting your updates and posts approved. This is because Google have been at full stretch trying to stop all the posts and websites that have emerged recently with fake Covid 19 news. I’ve found that it’s better to be patient rather than to keep pestering them.


Do you talk to your machines? I do. That’s why it’s important to start looking at Voice SEO on your website if you want the likes of Alexa and Siri to find you.

Top App/Plugin

I think I may have tried more social media tools than most. And I’ve not found one that I’ve been comfortable using. But I have now.

My app this week is ContentCal. I use it for social media scheduling but it also has some awesome planning tools. I’ll let you have a fuller review of the features next time.

Hope you can have a good weekend.

All the best,

Tosca Lahiri

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