Who is Wicked Spider?

Hello, I am Tosca Lahiri, and I am the person behind Wicked Spider. Before I launched my business, I decided that I would make it my mission to give web designers a good name (at least for my clients). I promise every client that I will:


Always deliver my services to the agreed timetable


Never disappear off the face of the earth

Plain English

Never use technobabble to confuse you

Clear Prices

Never charge you for services that you don’t know about and haven’t agreed


Always keep my promises


Always empower you with your website marketing

I am a dot-com web designer

I like to think that I was one of the first people to be seriously involved in creating websites for people like you. If you are old enough yourself to remember the dot-com boom, then that’s when I made my first website using the raw programming and database skills I developed at Birmingham University.

Unusually for a highly technical person, I also have a creative streak and a natural eye for colour, layout and design. This comes from years of painting (yes, I also have a degree in fine art) and I also have a thing for the English language, its structure and how it all comes together to communicate a clear message to the right audience.

Why is this important?

Starting out as a professional web designer when I did means that I have plenty of experience up my sleeve to create a website that gives you what you need to be successful online. Things have changed a lot since those heady days of programming and we now have great tools we can use to create an eye catching website that delivers results.  I’ve seen numerous developments in online marketing, and as an early adopter I’m regularly researching current trends and developments to help you further. Add to that a sound marketing strategy, a really good copywriter and some visually appealing imagery, and I can guarantee you will get a website that you will be proud of that helps you achieving your goals.

Most importantly I listen to you, so you get a website you need not one I assume you want.

What makes me tick as a person and as a web designer?

I am inspired by learning… and not just at school, college or university. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I relish putting myself in a learning environment. Nowadays I spend my time learning about technical advances, changes in online marketing and what’s new in social media. It is in places like this that I have insights or “light bulb moments”.

So, you can imagine my satisfaction when client after client have their own light bulb moment as we work on their website. It might be that they have more of an understanding about who their target audience is and why that is important; it could be that they understand they have to use words and pictures that the intended audience will respond to; or it could be that they finally appreciate the boundless possibilities they have available to them to be successful online.


Tosca did more than just create my new website, she helped me to clarify my business position and target market. With her support I am also more confident to use social media to raise the profile of my business. Throughout the project she was utterly professional and delivered an excellent service.

Alison Burgess

I’m also a very practical and business focused person. I understand that if someone is going to make an investment in a new website then they need to know that it is doing a good job for them. I also appreciate that taking a staged approach to developing a website fits in nicely with how your business develops. So, you may start off with a simple five page website with an integrated blog but end up selling tickets off the same website, selling online courses or perhaps even launching an online membership programme.

Have a look at some more testimonials to get more of an idea about what it is like working with me.


What makes me different as a web designer

Technical Skills

Many years hands on experience of programming and database management – the foundations of any good website


A creative eye to see what appeals visually – people respond to what they see

Communication Skills

Communication skills to understand what will tick the box for your customers – successful websites are about the audience not about the creator/owner

When we meet

When we meet, I will ask lots of questions that you may not have thought about before. The process of working through these questions ensures that you have a website that works for you. As you can see from the testimonials when we work together you get more than just a new website.

A lovely lady, very easy to work with, even for a technophobe. I am delighted with results , my website reflects my business through it’s colour scheme and the way Tosca used my images to begin and end the pages. Tosca being a creative person as well as computer expert meant she really understood what I needed. The follow up support has been great too. Thank you Tosca.

Katherine Keatley

Why use me as your web designer?


A website that reflects your business now


A website that makes you proud


A website that reflects your  professionalism

And you haven’t had to go through the headache of trying to make it yourself or negotiate with a family member/friend to just put something together for you.


What next for you?

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