Advantages of Ecommerce for Artists

Advantages of Ecommerce for Artists

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Hello fellow artists!

Let’s talk about the benefits of having your own ecommerce website.

Increase Reach

First of all, imagine your art reaching every corner of the world – quite the dream, right?

Well, with an ecommerce site, that dream can become a reality. It’s like having a global art gallery right at your fingertips! I’m working towards this myself. And I know that it isn’t easy but it is possible.

Plus, your online shop never sleeps. It’s open 24/7, ready to welcome art lovers from different time zones, schedules and walks of life. When you wake up you can really have an email notification telling you that you’ve sold a painting to someone in the USA.

Now, think about how easy it is for folks to discover and buy your artwork from their sofa, sipping on a cup of tea.

I’m being honest with you and I know that people discovering your artwork in a very busy online art space is in itself not something that happens auto-magically.

There are two key points to being found online that I’ll mention now only briefly but will explain more in other articles:

  1. Consistency
  2. Using the right, specific keywords on your ecommerce site

More to come on those two points like I said.

Make it easy for someone to buy your art

It’s all about making art available and convenient for anyone to buy as easily as possible.

Also, let’s face it – maintaining a physical presence in a pop-up shop, retail space or art fair can get pretty pricey in itself. Rent, utilities, staff when you can’t make it – it all adds up. I looked into it recently when a shop in Gourock became available. And then I added up the costs involved and decided it would be better use of my time to sell my own art online.

You can start selling your art online with nothing

With an ecommerce site, you can cut down on those costs and put your money and time into what you love most – creating art. Yes, there are costs to selling art online but they are less than a physical bricks and mortar shop and you can start with nothing.

Let your personality shine

And here’s the fun part – personal branding. Your ecommerce site is a blank canvas for you to paint your own style and create a unique, memorable brand. Stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine through your website! You can’t even do that on the many social media platforms or art selling websites.

Understand more who likes your art

Lastly, with an ecommerce platform, you get to play detective. You can track customer behaviour, with their permission of course, to understand what draws people to your art and make smart business decisions. It’s all about using data to your advantage and adapting your marketing strategy accordingly.

Make the connections

In a nutshell, an ecommerce website is more than just a platform to sell art. It’s a tool that can help you break down barriers, connect with more people, and boost your career in small manageable steps.

Here’s to the first from your own ecommerce website!

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