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Find out why your website is not delivering the customers or sales that your business deserves and what you can do about it

How Can The Website Inspector Help?


We will have a 60 minute virtual consultation to understand the problems you have with your website.

During the call, we will look at your business and your customers, review your website and I will provide you with practical steps to attract more sales or enquires.

What will we look at?



How well is the SEO performing on the website?

Ease of Use

How easy is it for people to find what they are looking for on your website?


Does the content meet Google’s quality standards?


How popular is your website on social media?

Technical Proficiency

How well designed and built is your website?

Lead Generation

How do you increase the number of enquiries you get?

Do you want to get more income from your website?

Find out what needs to be done to increase the number of sales or enquiries

What is a website audit?

You can think of an audit like the health check you get when you move house and register with a new GP. It covers all the many factors that influence how well a website performs.

Why do you need a website audit?

A website audit is a must for any growing business and is essential for a robust marketing strategy. By identifying problems and taking actionable steps now, you can position your business for long-term growth and take steps to thrive online.

How is the Website Audit Performed?

As part of our consultation I will perform some tests that will give me an overview of how well your website is performing. I will then use my 20 + years of common sense experience to tell you what to do to get more from your website. This is not an automated analysis that you may struggle to understand. I will explain in everyday English what you need to do and how you can do it – all in just 1 hour.


“Clear and precise help. Lots of practical ideas for improving my website and blog. Things that I know I can do, and sites to refer to. Thank you.” -Katherine Keatley

“The Website Inspector gave advice on more effective SEO optimisation, and showed me some other practical steps I could take to improve the site and engagement. Tosca takes a practical approach, and explains things in a way that is easy for a non techie to understand. I’m working my way through the list :). Generous with her advice, she will share things that will help.” – Lindsay Milner


Do you want to double your online sales or enquiries?

I will use my technical know-how to your competitive advantage

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