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You’re sitting around the board table considering this question: “How do we bring more customers into our construction business?”. You have a first draft of your marketing plan in front of you. You probably have a sales team going out to meet potential buyers. But so far your website hasn’t brought in customers in any significant numbers. And your sales team don’t have a high quality website to refer people to when they are asked for one. You may already have had at least one new website; you could easily be on your third or fourth site. And you are sitting there wondering what can be done. This is the chance to get it right. And even more so now, as many companies in the construction industry are really stepping up their game online.


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Construction Websites FAQs

What is the best type of content for a construction website?

An effective website for a construction company should feature an extensive collection of pictures from the firm's projects as well as clear, succinct text outlining precisely the services it provides and customer reviews from its previous and current customers. Most significantly, the website should be ready for use on mobile devices and set up to be found easily in the major search engine such as Google.

What are 4 elements every construction website should include?

Firstly, a construction website should be engineered in such a way that visitors find what they want easily; secondly, information, on the whole should be written in small chunks; thirdly, photos from your construction projects should be prominently displayed and fourthly, the site should be technically setup to be found in the search engines.

What does SEO stand for in construction?

SEO for construction companies includes monthly SEO work to get the website seen by more people. The effectiveness of these SEO services lies in how much research the SEO company does, technically how well the website is constructed and how well the SEO strategy is implemented.

What is the difference between SEO for construction and Construction marketing?

There isn't any difference. SEO is a form of digital marketing. Another term sometimes used to Search Engine Marketing, or SEM for short.

What is technical SEO for construction websites?

Technical SEO is a set of practices related to making a website easier for search engines to navigate, index, and display. This is just one component of the larger SEO strategy.

What are the best construction websites?

The best construction websites are those that are visually appealing, that are technically engineered to perform well in Google and other search engines and that bring our clients more enquiries.

How do you market in the construction industry?

Our 20 year plus experience of working in web development and SEO tells us that a website, with monthly SEO,is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can have. Integrate a blog with that website and you have all you need to succeed online. Marketing is about showing potential customers that you are experts and can be relied upon. What better way is there than a website?
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