I think most people have at least dabbled in Facebook ads. Who hasn’t boosted a post, eh?

From what I hear most people are underwhelmed by the results from their Facebook ads.

Yes, those algorithms keep changing and that can be a real pain.

Do you know that you can find those people who are most likely to click on your ads – actually you won’t believe, or perhaps you will, what you can find out about people on Facebook.

Here is a screenshot from an ad I ran using the Facebook audience insights to clearly target who I want to see the ad and who was most likely to engage with it. Spending £3 for 550 days this ad reached 205, 931 people and had 17,356 engagements.

flamingo post stats

Let me show you how to find those click happy people using Facebook audience insights:

Watch the video and then leave a comment to let me know about your experience with Facebook ads.

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