Toscas Wicked Words 1 May 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words – 1 May 2020

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Here are a few of my highlights this week from around the world of websites, SEO and digital marketing:


If you are using WordPress it’s definitely time to do an update as they’ve released some significant security upgrades – they are good like that.


If you are looking for an alternative to Skype or Zoom have a look at Google Meet. Google promise better security than the other two platforms and longer video calls for free.


Is the content on your website meeting the needs of your intended audience? Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines is assessing the search intent of users more and more now – and at a deeper level than before. It’s not just OK to produce superficial content.

Social Media

LinkedIn are experimenting with some new link previews. We will see the results of this when we add images to our posts. I think it will be a case of us doing our own experiments to see if we need to change how we are posting. Don’t be surprised if things start working slightly differently.

Top App/Plugin

My app this week is TinyPNG and I use it every time I add an image to a website. It’s free too! It makes image file sizes smaller and therefore websites faster. I’ve recorded a quick demo for you which I’ll let you have the link to next week.

I really have recorded the TinyPNG demo but I need to edit it a little bit. But I’m trying not to work too many hours. And I know if I open up the video editing app I’ll get lost in that for longer than I want to work today 😊.

Until next week then.

All the best,

Tosca Lahiri

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