Toscas Wicked Words 19 June 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words 19 June 2020

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This week the battery in the car had to be changed. In the first 4 weeks of lock down my car wasn’t started and when I wanted to go somewhere this week it was having none of it. That’s another lesson learnt – hopefully though we will never have to manage these type of things again. It did give me an idea for a blog post though about marketing – you’ve got to at least keep it ticking over.

Quick news from my world to yours to help with your website marketing:


Google has said again this month that if you are using guest posts on other people’s websites as a way of getting clicks back to your website only see it as reaching a broader audience and not as a positive SEO signal to your website. What I take from this is to look for genuine guest post opportunities on highly relevant websites and don’t just do guest posts for the sake of SEO. If you are into the technical side of things the links from the guest post to your website should be set as “no-follow”. 

Top App/Plugin

Book like a Boss is my top app for the week. It is a diary booking platform where people can book an appointment with me for a quote. You can also set it up to take payments for services like consultations and 1 to 1 training. This week I’ve integrated it onto my website. Head over to Book Like a Boss on Wicked Spider if you’d like to see the app in action. It’s like Calendly but better in my opinion. 

My Final Word

My final word for today – “Sing a love song to your website”  It’s easy to do and the results are chart topping. My article Free Advertising on Google will show you how.

Hope you have a good weekend. 

All the best, 


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