Why I Love Spiders (Vlog version)

Why I Love Spiders (Vlog version)

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Why has the spider got such a bad reputation in some quarters?

I think it must be to do with the way they look.

They aren’t all very cute are they.

Spiders are actually revered in some cultures and they are certainly adored where I live.

I love spiders.

Well, I love the good, SEO spiders.

I’m not scared of these spiders.

I actually do all I can to attract these spiders.

SEO spiders, sometimes called bots, robots, web crawlers, are little apps, sent out by the search engines to consume content on the internet.

If the spiders didn’t exist the likes of Google wouldn’t have the answers to our important questions.

These SEO spiders come to a website and catalogue the content they find.

And then they keep on visiting hoping to find more info.

So, what can you do to attract more spiders?

There are 2 things we can do to attract the spiders:

  1. Publish more content. That’s why integrating a blog with your website is so important.
  2. Link from 1 post to another post on your website.

I like to think of these cute, little SEO spiders using these internal links as stepping stones to get around a website.

So you can see why I love spiders. Spiders are good.

And “yes,” that’s where I got my business name from.

Bye, from The Wicked Spider

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