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I promised last week that I would let you know my favourite WordPress Cookie plugin.

In short, a cookie is a small text file that is downloaded into your website browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge and Safari are examples of browsers) when you visit a website. This file stores some data about your preferences or past actions.

Website cookies divide into two main categories: “Necessary Cookies” and “Analytics Cookies”. The necessary cookies enable core features such as security, accessibility and network management. You can disable these cookies in your browser but if you do it may affect how the website functions.

Analytic Cookies collect information about your internet usage. This information is used to improve your experience on a particular website. Of course, I’m sure you’ve noticed that these cookies are also used to show you adverts on social media. This data should be collected anonymously. When I check this data for my website I can see that a 1000 people have clicked on a particular link but I don’t know who these people are. The Google Analytics tracking code and the Facebook Pixel are examples of analytic cookies.

As I said previously I have tried lots of plugins for cookies and although they did what was needed they weren’t that easy to use. But as usual I kept researching.  And I have recently found the Surbma GDPR Cookie Plugin.

What does the Surbma GDPR Cookie Plugin do?

In essence, when this plugin is installed, it will let website visitors turn off the Analytic Cookies. I do this often, in particular I’m finding that I disable this type of tracking cookie for news organisations. Having said that some online newspapers don’t make it easy. When I look at my local paper online I have to disable the tracking cookies each time and I’m not even sure that it is disabling them.

Setting up this Cookie plugin is really easy. What is even better is that it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles to make things complicated. I don’t like it when bits of tech, whether its hardware or software, try to be all things to all people. I am of the opinion that it is better to do 1 thing very well rather than many things at just an OK level.

What do you need to setup the Surbma GDPR Cookie Plugin?

You will need your Google Analytics Tracking Code and your Facebook Pixel ID if you are using Facebook ads. The developers of this plugin are going to add more tracking services such as Google Adwords Remarketing, Hotjar and Clicky.

What are the Major Features of the Surbma GDPR Cookie Plugin


In the settings tab you enter your Google Analytics tracking code and Facebook Pixel ID. You can also customise the text people see in the popup. 

You are also able to link to your Cookie Policy Notice page (or your Privacy Policy Notice page).

Cookie Scan

I’ve another post written a while ago showing you how to find a list of the cookies used on your website. The techniques mentioned in “How to Find your Cookies” still works but it is a bit fiddly.

So, I was delighted to see that this plugin will scan your website and list the cookies. You may want to list these cookies in your Privacy Policy Notice.

So you can see it is really easy to setup this WordPress Cookie plugin and it won’t break the bank either as you can see on their plugin website. 

You can install the free version first to see how to works on your website. I do recommend upgrading to the premium version though as you get a few additional features that I think are worth the $19.99.


Using this plugin does not negate your legal responsibilities regarding GDPR compliance – it is a tool to help you manage them.


Yes, I know I need to change my cookie plugin on this website – it’s on my to do list.

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