Toscas Wicked Words 5 June 2020

Tosca’s Wicked Words – 5/06/2020

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Quick news from my world to yours to help with your website marketing:

Instagram and Websites

There are some important legal developments going on now about embedding Instagram posts from other people on your website. If you are one of the many businesses doing this you may soon need to get permission from the creator. It might be relevant if you have news from around your industry on your website or like to showcase the work of others.

More People Shopping Online

Stats are showing that ecommerce sales are sky rocketing at the moment as people who wouldn’t usually buy online have been forced to do so. Whatever you sell, whether its products, services or information help people buy directly from your website. Many people who usually stay clear of tech are now buying online.

Top App/Plugin

If you are looking for an easy way to get captions on your videos have a look at ClipScribe. You can also add your logo and brand colours. Click here to see an example of one of my vlogs that I put through ClipScribe.

Confessions of a Website Designer

Today’s confession is about my little struggles with consistency.  Here is the link: Confessions of a Website Designer – Part 3. I’d be grateful if you have any thoughts about the post to leave a comment. Hope you have a good weekend. All the best, Tosca

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